Charge of Champions Course September 2019


100-day in-depth course to become a champion in both thought and action. Weekly sessions, online training, online group meetings, and accountability to help you accelerate your accomplishments in business, relationships, and life.

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Life is not something to just tolerate or suffer through. Life is joyful, inspiring, and extraordinary!

You are meant to do great things. But you, like everybody else on the planet, face opposition and get stuck. Try as you might, one failure turns into many, stress gives way to overwhelm, and you ask yourself whether its really worth it anymore. You feel like you have no choices left, no control… you just have to give up.

Or do you?

The Charge of Champions is a 100-day personal development journey designed specifically to charge up and unleash the champion inside you. Reclaim your power, rekindle your inner fire, and establish your course accelerating toward your greatest accomplishments.

This program is an intensive dive into your personal success, mindset mastery, and goal achievement. Discover what motivates you, clarify your purpose, determine your destiny, and prevail in your accomplishments.

Establish the habits and discipline of success as you accomplish your goals in this structured, proven, and repeatable system. Stop the distractions in their tracks, and stay committed to taking daily action. You will be set on a recurring path of accomplishment far beyond the end of the program.

James pulls the most profound tips and tools from his experience and learning, then distills the knowledge into simple and easy-to-understand nuggets ready for immediate application.

What you are going to get:

  • Group Training and practice of valuable tools and skills to conquer all aspects of your life.
  • Live conference calls with individual attention on your successes and struggles.
  • A Facebook group to share your successes, ask questions, track your progress, and interact with Coach James and the other students in the course.
  • Resources to help guide you along the course and track your progress.
  • Accountability reporting to help you stay on track.

The skills and techniques shared in this course have come from years of research, self-discovery, and personal application. You will experience increased action, save time, and most importantly create tremendous results as you complete this course.

I was at a stand still, and had not completed my audio CD until I [worked with James]. Now my CD is published and I am launching it to my website! I have an inspiring Vision Board, and upgraded Webpage, with ideas for more training topics for new CDs.

— Trudy

James was a pleasure to work with and was very giving of his knowledge and suggestions….
[His] suggestions were just what I wanted to know and he was able to direct me with future steps that I needed to take to help me get to my goals. Using these tools and the direction he gave me will get me to where I want to be faster. I will be able to focus on positive steps on what matters.
Thank you James!

— Clarice

This program will change your life! Let James share with you the tips and techniques he has used personally to change his life.

Commit now to take charge of your life!

Because you are worth it.

Because you deserve it.

Because you are a champion.

Are you ready to join the Charge of Champions?

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